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Run Hard. Rest Well.

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

A message from Brenda Jank:

A Rest That Works

What a JOY to be with Marketplace Leaders this week. I hope that Run Hard. Rest Well. is your new “battle cry” individually – and as a team.

When God’s people strategically choose to refill our buckets, it …

· Honors our Father

· Feeds our soul

· Fuels our best GO

Ask Yourself

  • What is one thing you have done to intentionally refill your bucket since we were together?

  • What "aha!" or new insight keeps popping up? Allow God to have His way in your heart.

Next Steps

  • Interested in The Sleep Survival Guide? Visit,

  • What about your kids! Would you like to bring the message of Restorative Wellness to them? Check out Run the Race. Only $39 for families, it will launch powerful conversations with your kids as they explore God’s plan for work, rest, and rhythm. Watch Video 1: The Power of Pit Stops

  • Consider staying in touch via our blog

  • Are you in a small group? Open the door to a breath of fresh air through our small-group video series A Rest That Works: Trading Fatigue for Freedom. Each video is only 4-6 minutes long and includes a Talk Sheet for 40-60 minutes of group study, reflection, and conversations

A Gift

Below you will find a copy of our brand new resource called Take Ten. At this point, we have completed the ministry-version. The Marketplace version will come out next.

Take Ten - Ministry
Download PDF • 567KB

Download PDF • 851KB

Proven Process
Download PDF • 222KB

Download PDF • 1.02MB

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